Sunday, 20 July 2014

St' Keyne Well, near Liskeard

by J.T. Blight 1835-1911

 A traveller encounters a countryman who came to draw water from the well, and is told of the properties of the water due to St' Keyne.
 "If the husband of this gifted well should drink before his wife a happy man henceforth is he for he shall be master for life" 
The obvious question was asked by the traveller and he received the reply.
"I hastened as soon as the wedding was done and left my wife in the porch but she had been wiser than I for she took a bottle to church."

 A very mysterious light resembling a hand pointing appeared in the well as I looked inside

 Someone perhaps not long ago had left a very small gift hanging above the well

 All that remains of the beautiful old cottage which stood opposite the well

Comparing old postcard with present day