Thursday, 17 July 2014

Landscape Paintings of Bodmin Moor

 Distant view of Stowes Hill and Sharp Tor on the far right on the horizon painted in 2009 with oil on panel board.

 Painted partly on Caradon Hill and completed in my small potting shed in 2007.

Drifting fog over Stowes Hill in 2009.

 View toward Tregarick Tor, Bodmin Moor, painted with oil on panel board.

 Path to Stowes Hill, 2009 oil on canvas

 Evaporation after the showers over Caradon Hill painted in the rain in 2003.

Quarry at Stowes Hill painted on panel board in 2003

 View toward Tregarrick Tor painted 2003

Snow on Caradon Hill 2007, oil on canvas

 Snow on Caradon Hill 2007 painted on panel board with oils.

 Stowes Hill viewed from south west and painted on location in 2004, oil on panel board.

 Stowes Hill, Bodmin Moor with Cheesewring formation of rock on far left ridge painted over three days on location with oil on panel board.

View from Caradon Hill toward Gonamena in the valley painted on location on a very cold day in 2004.

 A very windy morning in 2003 with Stowes Hill to the left and Sharp Tor to the right and old mine building in the middle ground, painted with difficulty using oil on panel board.

Last of the snow below Tregarrick Tor in 2004, painted on location using oil on panel board.