Friday, 30 January 2015

Visit to Charlestown, Cornwall

Charlestown Harbour

The little pixies revealed themselves!

Pixies encouraging us further

The tunnels were deep in water in some areas.

There is an interesting antique shop as well as a couple of art galleries.

We loved this sweet little cottage with its wonderful garden.

St' Neot Holy Well

Just by chance we came across a wooden sign in the middle of the village directing us to a holy well set in a large open flat area with hills and trees behind.

The ground is very wet and boggy leading up to the well

 I didn't think we could actually open the door.

It was magical to see behind the door.

I really like the old metal door furniture and the character in the wood. The light caught on the end of the bolt appears to be almost returning to molten metal. We each left a wish and a coin.

Can you spot the very small ceramic angel at the bottom of the pool?

I have used this rock formation in one of my recent pencil drawings.

Just behind the well the ground rises steeply.


In the main park of St'Neot village we came across the figure and plaque which was a nice surprise.