Thursday, 16 April 2015

Leap of Faith at Cannon Hill, Liskeard

Have been wanting to base a drawing about a Doctor Eastwell, who in the 1800s had a practice in Liskeard. The story is based around the top of what is now called Cannon Hill with the junction of Church Street in Liskeard. Long ago there was a wall at the top of Cannon Hill where we now have metal railings just outside a shop called 'Broads'. You can see in this black and white photo during the late 1800s with the wall still intact on the lower right of picture.

Here again you can see more clearly the wall in front of the shop as seen from Church Street. Ancient House can be clearly seen on the left but the steps leading up to a door with what looks like a shop below have been demolished. 

The area of the wall was popular and was often occupied during the evenings by navvies, gypsies and loafers. The regular gathering continued year in and year out until the Salvation Army came to town -but that's another story. Returning to our Doctor Eastwell; whom it is said enjoyed more than the odd drink or two and 'lived in the saddle', became so enraged with the gathering hoard of loafers that one day he came riding down Church Street at a furious rate and whether 'top heavy' or for a bet or whatever, he rode his horse through the throng and his horse clean jumped the wall, landing on her haunches as the old mare slithered down the hill', much to the relief and amazement of the onlookers.
I included a few frantic chickens and the blind man holding a stick together with his friend who seems to have the look of a monk about him.