Friday, 13 January 2017

John Wesley's journey across Cornwall

The Drawing process

Working on this drawing of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. I have been wanting to make a drawing about him for about a year but I needed to study some of his experiences in Cornwall and in particular the several visits he made to Liskeard- the town I live in. The main elements are the guiding angel, his faithful horse, moorland yet to be finished at the top of the drawing and in the bottom left of picture will be a symbolic representation of a seed placed in the heart of the people he shared his message with.

Considering a butterfly released from its chrysalis instead of a symbolic seed entering the heart of people following the message from the minister in the larger drawing.

I quite like the pattern made by the lines in the tree circling the chrysalis.

Horses have such beautiful heads
As John Wesley is known to have travelled to a small village called Altarnun in Cornwall, the snow set in across the moorland and I have chosen to use snow flakes settling upon the autumnal ground.

I really like the simple representation of these winter branches in the background with just a few leaves remaining.

Its coming together very slowly.

I just need to define his hair more strongly.