Monday, 6 February 2017

Working on a drawing about George Fox, the 17th century founder of the Quaker movement who was imprisoned in the gatehouse of Launceston Castle in Cornwall for nine weeks in deplorable conditions.

 Quite difficult to draw his hands in the position of prayer but pleased with the composition.

Gathering together a few characters to represent a manifestation of evil, temptation and confusion. In a letter written by George Fox, he writes; "What the light doth make manifest and discover, as temptation, distractions, confusions; do not look at these temptations, confusions, corruptions, but at the light which discovers them and makes them manifest; and with the same light you may feel over them, to receive power to stand against them. The same light which lets you see sin and transgression, which gives victory and dominion over it, and brings one into covenant with God."

Have chosen to include these two figures in the top right of the drawing to represent affliction
Trying to use swirling shapes to join the elements together in a more cohesive whole

An elderly man stands over George Fox with a friendly hand of compassion on his shoulder.